Framework for aluminum construction with short delivery time, good, decorative and circular.

The aluminum frame made in Taitoh is widely used in various mechanical stands, the trunk of devices, cleaning booths, fences and other production facilities.
Full strength, good-looking appearance, strong functionality, production, assembly, installation speed is also far ahead of other materials.
The necessary strength and beautiful shape, according to the function of the cross section is also various. We can also make special structure and size frame structures according to the different uses.

Pay attention to the ideas of the sites ~ secrets of improvements

夜夜骑网站The improvements of our products have being carried out quietly in the sites and designs. There is no product development team and improvement team. When a good idea appears, a few people will gather and quietly start to improve. Then the sample appeared in front of everyone. People from different departments naturally gathered to start the feedback conference. No development conference was set. When we see it, we will naturally discuss what it is. What should we do? And naturally promote developments and improvements in daily business.

For example: A cover with resin
Install plastic board on the frame and make the booth at the production site. If fixed with brackets, there will be a gap between the resin boards and the brackets.
The resin plate has a groove on the contact frame, and a cover is added on the top of the groove. If the lid is upside down, the resin plate will completely remove the gap.