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What can we do now? What can we do next?

The Taito Group is a pioneer of localization of automated machine assemblies in China,which was founded in 2000 as a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE) in Shanghai.
Our mission is to become a bridge between Chinese enterprises and foreign companies.
The Chinese business in the manufacturing industry once sought to serve customers by pursuing low prices. However, as the manufacturing industry in Japan shifts to overseas including China, and the labor population is short because of an accelerated decline of the birthrate. We face the challenge of how Japan and overseas can collaborate together, and providemanufacturing industries.
Japan is facing a problem of how to cooperate with overseas and carry out manufacturing industry.
As we have established close relations with the local enterprises in China, with more than 150 enterprises to carry out various production cooperation, from China to provide the production technology and quality ofJapan. I think that it is also a test to challenge together to create new technologies in China and to make manufacturing in cooperation with Japan.
夜夜骑网站The Taito Group is a company that wants to provide a platform to challenge together through factory automation equipment and Chinese business.

泰东机械(上海)有限公司Taitoh Machinery Shanghai Co.,Ltd.

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Company name  TaitoMachinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Address    98 Xinrong Road, Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China.

TEL    +86-21-5768-7780
法人代表  董事长 糟谷义弘
总经理   糟谷仁志
设立    2000年10月
资本金   500,000 USD
夜夜骑网站 从业人数  300人(2017年10月现在)

株式会社 TaitohtTrading(滋贺本社)Taitoh Traiding Crop.

株式会社 TaitohtTrading(关东营业所)Taitoh Traiding Crop.