globalization at your fingertips

The person who is manufacturing is in front of you. Talk directly and negotiate the prob-lems one by one. Employees, colleagues and customers are people from different countries. We easily transcend a little difference and accomplish the same purpose. Such experience is a very stimulating and natural act here. When you enter the environment unintentionally, you will find that a global world is spreading.
Taitoh group, which emphasizes natural crossing with the national boundaries, is constantly expanding our business.


夜夜骑网站Business Model

Delivery toJapanese customersthrough Taitoh Trading.

夜夜骑网站Taitoh Trading receives orders, then send orders to TaitohMachinery. TaitohMachinery can deliver the goods directly according to the contract, or after making adjustments or checkswithTaitoh Trading. We perform according to customer's requirements, such as “We have no overseas order system within the company, yet we hope to be able to carry out import and export procedures", “Make stage production in China", “Make adjustments in factories in Japan " and so on. We are also able to deal with flexibly based on the requirements of machine assembling such as prototype and machine No. 1 assembled in Taitoh Trading, and in Taitoh Machinery since the No. 2.


夜夜骑网站This model is suitable for the customers such as, “with foreign trading function, and hope to make it an opportunity to enrich the overseas trading” or “hope to make the best use of the price advantage of China production”. All the consulting can be used in Japanese, Chinese or English. There are end-user customers in China and across Asia, which can be used as the first step in the local production of local delivery.

Deliveries from TaitohMachinery to local customers

In this mode of delivery, Taitoh Machinery contract with Japanese customersand delivers to local customers — this is the mainstream today.Through the logistics park, the exportcan also be done by written materials even without local legal persons.Of course, we can also export to Korea, Taiwan and other overseas countries. In the place of delivery, the assembling work is carried out by the staff of Taitoh machinery. Customs declarers in the company with rich experience also carry outmanual procedures and large domestic goods long-distance transportation in China.

Production system

The functions of TaitohMachinery and Taitoh Trading are design, material purchase, processing manufacturer management, assem-bly and manufacturing, external assembly and manufacturing, quality management, transportation, installation and after-sales service. Taking into account the technology, cost, efficiency, quality and delivery side, we integrate the requirements of various departments and design the products for the right quality and price. Customers can choose the most suitable manufacturing mode in multiple plans.

There are platforms for challenges here.


无尘室面积 3600㎡

工厂面积 1700㎡

40 people in the design department
started the design from the specification.
How can we make it in the shortest possible time of delivery?
Inventory is not the only answer.
Deliver the goods safely to the places of delivery in the shortest possible time.
We provide installation services in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and other Asia areas.