How to make use of this platform depends on you

We hope to live a stable life
We hope to work in interpersonal relationships that suit our character.
We hope to improve efficiency through our own strength, and feel the meaning of work.
We want to achieve our own goals.
We want to work in a place where there are changes every day.
We want to enjoy the fun of doing complex work.
something more than what you would expect
— Everyone works with different ideas and how to work depends on yourself

It is not as long as the drawings are finished, the work is finished, or the equipment is delivered. The design department is only the end of the project when the device works normally at the customer.
The design department is entrusted with the task of overlooking all the projects, communicating with all departments such as purchasing, quality assurance, manufacturing and so on. The design department is not facing the drawings, but the current situation. A clear and harmonious relationship in sites helps the promotion ofthe projects with ease.
We use the materials delivered by many suppliers in Japan and China to assemble the required orders.
According to the contents of the order, some can be completed in one day, others need to be completed in one month.
Manufacturing workers assemble from simple frameworks to large complex devices. This is suitable for making things, for people who are meticulous in carving a product, or for people who want to participate in large products that can not be finished by one person.
I used to work on the production line, and I joined the company because I thought I could do more. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished from a very small part to all kinds of large parts and completed a large product that reached the roof. Not only do we have Japanese, but also Chinese, we have a good compromise between our thinking and work. On weekends, Chinese and Japanese members sometimes eat together to deepen their communication.
Not only are the customer's requests to the sits, not only to negotiate with the customer according to the requirements of the site, but also not only to accomplish the goals, but to achieve the satisfactory results in three aspects. It is the bridge ofcommunication between the customer and the sits. This is the business of Taitoh. Back and forth in Shanghai, China,we use flexible thinking to make various plans. This is a challenging position for the ability to respond to the international capacity, the building capacity of the methodology, and the intelligence gathering capacity needed for it, and the leadership of the project.
Sometimes everything goes smoothly, sometimes problems happen, In the end, everything is possible.
Let's enjoy our growth in the changing environment.
Let's go beyond ourselvestogether!